The Orion Nebula M42

I’ve been doing astrophotography for 2 years now and although I’ve tried shooting the Orion Nebula before, I never fully produced an image until now. It’s one of the most popular targets, a favorite of beginners, and ironically complicated to shoot and process!

Jellyfish Nebula IC 443

The Jellyfish Nebula IC 443 is fun to photograph wide field because of its surrounding environment, specifically, the cloud that looks like it’s coming out of its head. I shot this for 10 hours and used some fun techniques in Pixinsight. These techniques included layering my Ha as a luminance layer over the RGB image and using morphological transformation to reduce the noisy star field from my under-sampled setup.

Pelican Nebula

It was not until recently I felt uninspired. After shooting the Veil Nebula (again), I felt a bit of repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cygnus, but I was overstaying my welcome there. I had shot the Veil (twice), North American Nebula (twice), Sadr Region, and Cresecent Nebula. There […]

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