Fall Foliage in New Jersey

I took this photo at South Mountain Reservation’s Fairy Trail during the peak of Fall Foliage in New Jersey. I used HDR to ensure that the sky stayed blue and to enhance the beautiful autumn palette. Taken with my favorite landscape photography lens, the Canon RF 14-35, this photo is […]

Pelican Nebula

It was not until recently I felt uninspired. After shooting the Veil Nebula (again), I felt a bit of repetitive. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cygnus, but I was overstaying my welcome there. I had shot the Veil (twice), North American Nebula (twice), Sadr Region, and Cresecent Nebula. There […]

Backyard Starry Night

It was a clear gorgeous night on Saturday. I love a clear night on the weekend as I can go out with the telescope and record pictures late into the night. My family and I are going on a camping trip soon and we decided to try out our new […]

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