It’s the end of November here in New Jersey. While the beginning of November is full of wonderfully colorful foliage, the end of November gives us bare trees with little leaves remaining and a ground full of foliage that has fallen as seen in this autumn landscape photo at the Rahway River in South Mountain Reservation.

This photo is a unique landscape photo because it includes people in it. I normally don’t like people in any of my landscape photos and I usually Photoshop them out in post-production. However, like street photography (or any kind of photography), putting a person or people in your photo at a distance usually makes them more interesting. In this photo of the Rahway River in South Mountain Reservation, it adds to the overall feel of the photo.

This photo, like many of my landscape photos, I took in HDR, meaning I sandwiched 3 photographs together (1 underexposed/dark, 1 normal, 1 overexposed/bright) to give my photos a high dynamic range from bright blue skies to dark shadows under the rocks in this photo.

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